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Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi

Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi compares favorably with other institutes of higher education in Montenegro, because it can be entered without knowledge of Serbian language. We will talk about it a bit later and now let’s have a look at the main advantages of this institute:

No entering exams to enter this faculty (institute).
You may enter it without the knowledge of Serbian language.
The entering is guaranteed.
This institute may be entered right after you have finished the school.

The year of studying here costs only €1085, in case you pay the whole sum for the year at once. You are allowed to make monthly payments, but it will cost you additional €215.

You will need 3 years of education here to get a Bachelor degree. Once you have graduated, you may leave the institute or continue your education for another year and then get either Master’s or Specialist’s degree. If you already have higher education in economics, you may just pass a one year Master’s degree program (please, read below).

Высшее образование в Черногории

Information about the terms:

You may submit the documents for enrolling from the middle of June till the middle of September. We would recommend the students to come in the beginning or in the middle of summer, so they could have an opportunity to start learning Serbian language before the beginning of studying. You do not need to know Serbian to enter the institute, but the basic knowledge of it will make it easier for you to adapt.
The education itself starts in the middle of September.

As part of the Faculty of Management, its basic academic studies, there are four study programs:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality
  2. Finance, Accounting and Banking
  3. Taxes, Duties and Insurance
  4. Business Informatics and Electronic Business

The first year of education in Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi is the same for all the students. After that students are divided according to their specialization. Such a system is used in most of economical higher education institutes in Europe, for example, in Germany.

Needed documents:

To enter the faculty for a Bachelor’s program and also for application for a residence permit in Montenegro you need to have the following documents:

School certificate (that you have finished school education with a list of grades if it is available in your country), it may have different names depending on the country, e.g. General Certificate of Secondary Education or Secondary School Diploma or Middle School Leaving Certificate or Certificate of Secondary (Complete) General Education, etc.
Police clearance certificate or lack of criminal record or certificate of no criminal conviction.

Money. You will need to pay for the education in faculty and also open a bank account with a deposit of at least €3650, due to laws of Montenegro. When you get a residence permit, you may freely spend this money.

Under age juniors will need parents’ permit to apply for a residence permit. Please, contact our office for information.

If you are planning to enter Master’s degree program of education you will need a nostrificated Diploma of Higher Education in Economics.

Enrolling at Master’s degree program

If you already have a Diploma of Higher Education in Economics, then you may enroll at the Master’s degree program and graduate in one year. But in this case your diploma must be nostrificated first. Nostrification is a process or act of granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university. You may get additional information about this process by contacting our office in Herceg-Novi.

Serbian language

As mentioned above, you don’t need to know Serbian to enroll at the Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi. Actually, this is a very important point. The fact is that there are not many higher education institutes in Montenegro that allow entering without knowledge of Serbian. The problem is that you have to speak Serbian to start education in many of higher schools and at the same time there are no preparation courses that are common in Western Europe. So, in theory, you may enter any institute in Montenegro, but in practice you cannot enroll at most of them.

In such a situation it is logical to choose a faculty that allows entering without the knowledge of Serbian, like Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi.

How is it possible to study without Serbian? Our experience shows that students pick up the language very fast. Firstly, they don’t have much choice, they have to study it. Secondly, the students are in the language environment. This means not only every day classes in the faculty but also interaction with Montenegrin friends and a Montenegrin boy- or girl-friend. So far there were no cases that students from Russia were expelled because of issues with language, all were able to speak before the first set of exams.

Also, if you will, you may start learning the language beforehand. We have online-courses of Serbian language, please, see the details on our site. And, as were mentioned earlier, you may come to Montenegro two months before the beginning of a studying year to acquire the basic knowledge of the language.

How do students live in Herceg-Novi?

Usually, students just rent apartments. In case of a long-term contract (for one year) the monthly price will be around €150-300. The price mostly depends on the quality of furniture and the size of apartment.

Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi also offers another option: to live in the hotel with which they have an agreement. We have seen this hotel, and our opinion is that this variant is worse than normal renting. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, hotel rooms don’t have a kitchen; secondly, they offer lower prices for students only off-season when they don’t have tourists.

Your expenses:

  • The price for the education is €1085 for one year of studying.
  • The cost of our service is €400. Our service includes help with enrolling at the faculty, application for student’s visa.
  • Translation of documents €15-20 per one document.
  • Medical insurance €25.
  • Payment for nostrification of school certificate is €110.

How to enroll

You need to come to Herceg-Novi.

If you need a transfer from the airport, please, contact us. Also, find and book a place to stay before you find a long-term variant. You may find apartments on our site or anywhere else, but book it before you come. It is not very convenient to find a flat with the entire luggage you bring.

So, you are in Herceg-Novi. We will meet and start preparing documents for submission. Usually it takes about one or two days. After that we go to the faculty together and enroll you. At the same time we do the nostrification of your school certificate. If you wish, some work can be done before your coming to Herceg-Novi, for example, we may translate documents and have your certificate nostrificated.

Once you have enrolled at Faculty of Management Herceg-Novi, it is time to apply for residence permit. We prepare the needed documents and submit them to MIA Office in Herceg-Novi. It takes up to 20 days (usually around a week) to issue a residence permit.

The last thing is to find a long-term apartment for living. You should start searching once you are in Herceg-Novi. You may try to find a flat yourself or apply for our help. We charge a one month payment for this service. That means it will depend on the monthly price for a certain apartment you will rent.

That is it! We wish you a happy life in Herceg-Novi.



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